Sunday, May 7, 2017

Adventures in Social Anxiety: Chapter 1: The Tag Agency

I try to park. I pull up but there's a person in the car next to me so I pull forward and take another spot. I groan. I'm being ridiculous. I take a deep breath and enter the office.
Lady is staring at me and I start to panic, pretend to fiddle with papers and look the other way but see the sign for for drivers license renewal in front of her. Here we go. She asks if I'm here for a license and I say yes, please, while she takes my old one.
I hurriedly filled out my paperwork,caring that it's readable but at the same time not, quicker it's done, quicker I'm home.
I can barely breathe as I sit down. Fortunately no ones waiting on the bench. Here come the thoughts like a line of firecrackers in July. Will they let me renew? Will I have to go to DPS? Will that trigger my hearing? Oh no. I work this weekend! What if I get pulled over?
She tells me to look at the camera and on 3. I'm scared to smile. That's stupid I'm thinking. I have great smile and I love my last license photo.
She tells me to it'll be a few minutes. Alright.
I sit there nervously. Hands start to tremble and I'm a fidgety mess.
I hear the machine finish and she nods at me, it's ready! She hands my license, I say thank you, and breathe a whew of relief as I skip happily out the door. Crisis averted. Now for the grocery store...

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